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Case Study: The British Army

The British Army is responsible for protecting the United Kingdom and its overseas territories, promoting Britain’s wider security interests, supporting international peacekeeping efforts, and participating in NATO and other coalition operations.

What they needed

Following a war in which an estimated 100,000 people lost their lives and 1.8 million people were forcibly displaced, there was a requirement to send an Infantry Unit to the area as part of a peacekeeping force. Their role was to assist in the stabilisation of the environment and to support a new governmental structure being put in place, which required skills in diplomacy, defence and offence.

While working to improve the infrastructure of the area, the Unit faced the constant challenge of keeping the peace between feuding parties and protecting themselves from potential and real dangers.

What we did

As the Chief Operating Officer, Guy Richardson planned all the pre-deployment training and subsequent movement of the Infantry Unit to and from Bosnia. With over 600 personnel and associated logistics to manage, this was an enormous task which was made harder by the severe winter weather that hampered the tour.

On the tour itself, Guy managed the day-to-day operational programme and deputised for the CEO as necessary.

What the results were

The tour was a success and very much seen as a key contribution in bringing to an end the 15-year British involvement in Bosnia. The British Defence Secretary at the time, David Ingram, said, “The fact that the improved security situation has allowed us to end our military operation in Bosnia and bring troops home is a huge achievement”.

It is his inspiring, impressive and hugely enthusiastic leadership which makes Guy Richardson stand out. Fiercely loyal, proud, and very persuasive, he has demonstrated time and time again to calmly, logically and efficiently tackle what is required to prepare and deploy a unit on operations.
A Senior Officer in the British Army


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