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EIGER Education Testimonials


Skills Development Coordinator, Bath University:

“It’s fantastic for students to have the opportunity to learn from speakers with such great knowledge and experience; your workshops were very popular and the students found them highly informative and engaging!” 


Ruchi Aggarwal, Director – Business Development, Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln:

“It was a pleasure and honour to have Guy partner with the Lincoln International Business School (LIBS) for hosting our flagship event - LIBS Connect, in October 2018. Guy’s ability to connect with an audience and create relevant to a topic was noteworthy and very useful. He had the audience totally engaged, using a mix of theory, case study, personal anecdotes and even a show and tell! As an institution, we have received very positive feedback for the event and a large part of that credit goes to Guy. The fact that Guy’s background was in sport and the context of the event was Sport, helped immensely but his own personal engaging style and quite obviously through preparation, showed up very well. I will not hesitate to recommend Guy for any business/leadership related content partnership.


Students from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University: 

“Really interesting and well-informed presentation”
“Inspirational speaker and effective presentation style”
“I really enjoyed his perspective on things, and could have listened all day”
“Thank you for your fantastic masterclass yesterday, I took a lot away from it”


Student from The University of Edinburgh, Performance Sport:

"I thought I would drop an email to thank you for your time on Tuesday evening. As club captain of the men’s rugby club, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing stories of your time at the top level in our sport. You have given me tools to use as I approach the 18/19 season with a renewed vision. Your expertise in how to lead people was invaluable for myself and I know for other club representatives. I look forward to finding out what my leadership signature is."


Scottish Student Sport, Leadership Academy 2018/19:

"I just wanted to pass on another note of thanks for your brilliant session yesterday. The energy and content was the perfect start to the Leadership Programme and when asked at the end of the day what they have taken away from the full induction, many of the students referenced points from your presentation. Leadership with Impact certainly had a lasting impact on the group!'


Director of Rugby University of St Andrews:

Bringing someone of Guy’s experience and expertise into our programme has had a huge impact not only onto our student athletes but for our management team as well. His professionalism to achieve outcomes in all circumstances is evident and his style of delivery and facilitation engages the participants and captivates at all times. I highly recommend his expertise to anyone looking to develop leadership, performance and organisational culture.



Head of Sixth Form, Rugby School:

“Thank you so much for your very great generosity of time and spirit today.  It was a real pleasure and honour to have you with us, and your messages could not have been better synchronised if we had tried.  We have been working very hard on the notions of servant leadership and that everyone can be a leader because leadership is a life skill, not something that other people do.  To listen to you underpinning these messages from your very different, hugely experienced angle was both affirming and (if I may!) gratifying.”


Head of Careers and HE, Bradfield College:

“Those I’ve spoken to really got a lot out of it – so thanks once again.  And also for being so open with them – I think your style enabled them to feel they could ask you anything, including some quite personal questions!” 


Head of Sixth Form, Truro School:

“I have had such positive feedback from colleagues and parents who heard you on Tuesday evening.  The students gained so much from your workshops on Wednesday. The captain of the 1st XV, said you were 'inspirational' and the boy asking about conflict resolution, was unable to sleep on Wed night after being so excited and thinking about the day.  You have affected so many lives in such a short time and for that I thank you. I hope we can work together again very soon.” 


Director of Sport, High School of Dundee: 

"I have been trying to get Guy into the school for some time now, as I know first hand how good he is. I am absolutely delighted with the impact Guy has had on our students. His content is excellent. He is also great in leading the coaches through the whole process, focussing on what is important to that group and how we as coaches then carry it on. However, Guy's USP is undoubtedly in his delivery. He is so engaging and this above anything else will ensure he has the same positive impact at SOHK, as he has done at the school" 


Headmaster, Newcastle School for Boys:

“Just completing a round of SLT appraisal which has helped to top up and reinforce some of the leadership work we did with you in September.  Prefects have been great – particularly strong this year, I would say, in no small part down to the training you provided”.

“Huge thanks for your work at NSB yesterday both with the prefects and SLT.  I will be catching up with the prefects later and I am sure it will have been a very positive one. I was very pleased with the SLT session.  It was always going to be stimulating but it was challenging too and, I think, to the right level.  This isn’t necessarily easy stuff.  I think the session got some really important issues and themes out into the open more easily and constructively than would have otherwise been achieved without your skilful facilitation.  I think there was a great deal of learning/development/realisation in yesterday’s session.  In our conversations and yesterday’s session, I have also reflected on and learnt a great deal about my own leadership and role.  It’s been genuinely challenging and fulfilling."


Prefect, Caldicott Prep School:

“Dear Sir, Thank you very much for organising the leadership talk with Mr Richardson. I found it extremely helpful and interesting. I hope you found Mr Richardson as helpful as I did. Once again, thank you very much.” 


Head of S5/S6, George Watson's College:

“Following your very successful session with our S6 Office Bearers, I am very much looking forward to hearing what you have to say to S5 next Monday. We very much enjoyed your company over lunch, and your inspirational talk on Monday. Thank you very much indeed and I very much hope that we can work together again.” 


High School of Dundee: 

Thanks again for yesterday. I am delighted with how the sessions are going. You are making the impact I knew you would on the pupils/coaches, hence I had been banging on to our Rector for the last two years to get you involved!


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