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Where We Impact

Performance is consistently measured across a range of results-oriented environments - including sport, business, and education. 

Leadership, team culture and developing the soft skills for quality performance are consistently identified as areas of opportunity for development and training across industries.

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Impact Testimonial / General Manager, The Royal Scots Club:

"This has been leadership training unlike anything I have been involved in before. Guy has continually challenged my team over a number of months. This ‘journey’ has taken the form of educational workshops with attendees leading the following session in which they discuss, between themselves, what they have put into practice as a result of the previous workshop.

Therefore my team have had to be proactive in developing their leadership skills, in some cases making mistakes and sharing these with their colleagues. This style of training has been much more impactful than the odd session here and there. Now, five months on from the start of the programme, there has been significant improvement in each of their abilities to lead and manage their own staff, as well as other members of the team. They also realise they are on a continuous journey and the learning never stops."


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