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Leadership is one of the most highly-valued skills contributing to quality performance across industries – whether it’s sport, business, or education.

The importance of effectively leading yourself and your team cannot be underestimated, and it is consistently one of the top training areas for companies and sports teams alike.

Through our leadership-focussed sessions and programmes, individuals will develop their leadership style by reflecting on the way they currently lead to add different skills and strategies to their toolbox to maximise impact in their role. 

Our leadership workshops are heavily focused on the practical application of leadership and therefore allow the attendees to be able to positively affect the position they find themselves in immediately. 


  • Leadership with impact
  • Leading to empower your team & leading with integrity
  • Challenges to leadership & strategies to overcome them
  • Identifying your leadership styles and strengths in leading self & others


"Guy is one of the most remarkable leaders I have ever met. He inspired near adulation in his soldiers. He's has an extremely engaging style, reinforced by plenty of energy and rock solid integrity."  

- Major General Bob Bruce DSO CBE



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