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Case Studies in Sport

See a few examples of the types of recent projects we've worked on in the Sport Sector here at EIGER.

Project Type: One-off Development Session

Audience: Completed with various sport NGBs across UK, amateur clubs, professionial teams, university programmes, & UK Coaching

Content & Journey: We are regularly engaged to deliver a session designed as a one-off presentation/half day of development with sports governing bodies, university sporting programmes and organisations such as UK Coaching.  Within sport, we most commonly deliver one-off trainings to NGB staff, Coaches, and National Team Managers 

Topics have included:

  • Personal leadership / Leading with integrity
    • Attendees will leave with a ‘tool kit’ of ideas and strategies for them to select from
    • Discuss the importance/role of responsibility and accountability
  • How to lead to deliver an optimal environment for success
  • The challenges in leading others and strategies to overcome them
  • Positively influencing others (directly and indirectly – i.e. role model) 
  • Lead by examples & earning respect
  • Learn about skills for life (effective communication, resilience, confidence, managing stress and pressure (for self and athletes), active listening, open-mindedness, managing and resolving conflict


Project Type: Leadership Development, Annual Leadership Academy

Audience: Completed with Multiple NGBs

Content & Journey:  EIGER was engaged as part of an annual Leadership Academy to deliver sessions to develop various aspects of leadership for three years running.  These development workshops were delivered to club leaders and coaches and focus on the practical application of leadership.  In the event that two sessions are engaged, there is some work that is outlined for the attendees to take back and implement between the sessions.

Topics that have been covered through these sessions include: finding your leadership style, challenges/dangers to leadership and strategies to overcoming them, finding your leadership strengths, leading to create an optimal High-Performance Environment (HPE), delegating, conflict resolution, motivation and leading with integrity.


Project Type: Culture Development, High Performance Competition Preparation

Audience: Sport National Team 

Content & Journey:  Completed a series of 5 sessions with varying levels with a Women’s National Team over a period of a month, including: Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Captains, leaders and the broader squad.   

We worked with them in these sessions in preparation for the Commonwealth Games, to develop their team culture – specifically getting them to connect their behaviours to the different performance environments as this is critical to any change in culture.  We worked with them tailored our programming and sessions to their specific needs. 

The end result, prior to their departure to the games, was the team had a fresh and uniformly agreed set of values, standards and behaviours; all of which aligned with their team purpose to drive them in each training session and competition.


Project Type: 'Train the Trainer', NGB and Club Culture Transformation

Audience: National Governing Body in Sport

Content & Journey:  Leadership and culture development programming sessions were delivered over a series of 6-8 months.  The aims were to develop the culture of the organisation itself from the top down starting at the NGB level, as well as to train and equip NGB staff and club leaders with the skills and tools to develop the culture at their respective clubs in their regions.

Topic areas included how to evaluate whether the club was still operating in a way that was currently ‘fit for purpose’, creating new/revising a team purpose, defining team behaviours and standards agreed upon by the club.  Another goal and outcome of this project was to ‘train the trainers’ at the NGB and volunteers at their clubs to equip them with the tools to learn the fundamentals and how to apply those principles in order to independently take this forward to develop their own clubs and teams.



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