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EIGER Staff Away Days

In Parternship with the Oriam, Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre

Working with blue chip clients around the UK, we work with each client on an individual basis to develop a bespoke and dynamic day.

A Unique Day

Through these days we deliver leadership, team development and workplace culture training in a unique, high-performance environment. Our approach is holistic to staff well-being that encourages the development of happy, healthy and high-performing employees.

  • Bespoke training and development around leadership skills and workplace culture
  • Promote staff well-being through team-building activities, physically active sessions and nutritional / health guidance
  • Partnered with the Oriam, Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre 
  • Ideal location situated for convenient access from both Edinburgh & Glasgow

We deliver half or full days of programming that includes the following three content areas:

Leadership Development

Leadership is one of the most highly-valued skills contributing to quality performance across industries – whether it’s sport, business, or education. The importance of effectively leading yourself and your team cannot be underestimated, and it is consistently one of the top training areas for companies and sports teams alike. Through our Staff Away Days we will include sessions to promote leadership skills, personal accountability, and introduce strategies to navigate difficult situations.

Team & Workplace Culture Development

Getting the most out of your people in a team environment is a journey, one that requires multiple factors to fit together to allow a team to function as a high-performing unit to deliver results. We focus on delivering sessions that create an optimal culture in your team and your workplace, to ultimately enhance productivity, morale and performance in the workplace.  On our staff away days we offer team-based activities in exclusive Oriam High Performance rooms and locations. 

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle & Well-being

In addition to the learning sessions, there is the option to incorporate physically active and well-being sessions for your staff throughout the day.  The highly-trained and qualified staff at the Oriam offer a variety of health & well-being sessions to be delivered throughout the day, including:

  • Team-building activities, nutritional guidance, and activity courses
  • Multiple physical activity options (including, but not limited to): cycle around the campus, racquet sports, ultimate frisbee, handball and more
  • Yoga and other well-being activities
  • Use of the indoor 4G pitch where the SRU and SFA national teams train








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