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We offer

Lead/shape event management for major sporting events

In partnership with organising committees, we take on the leading role in managing, planning and delivering major sporting events.

Advice and assistance in delivering international sporting events and tournaments

Working alongside event and tournament organisers, we offer managerial and operational advice and support which enhances the delivery of the event / tournament.

Project work for governing bodies and sports agencies

With considerable experience in working with sports governing bodies, we manage and deliver sports projects for them. In so doing allowing employees to concentrate on their primary roles within the organisations.

Our approach to project delivery is inclusive and comprehensive. Whatever the scale of your project or event, we take pride in delivering:

  • Robust project planning
  • Transparent project management
  • Hands-on practical delivery
  • Clear and concise communication throughout
  • Collaborative methods, working to the strengths of all involved
  • Scheduled regular meetings with all relevant stakeholders
  • Frequent reporting measured against agreed targets
  • On time and on budget project delivery



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