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Leadership Development Days

Leadership & Lifes Skills Development for School Prefects, Leaders and Sixth Form


Our leadership-based presentations and workshops are heavily focused on the practical application of leadership and therefore allow the pupils to be able to maximise their impact and positively affect the position they find themselves in immediately.

Our main theme we deliver to the whole of Sixth Form Year Groups is Stepping up to Perform. These sessions are specifically tailored to the group while focussing on the topics of leadership (of self and others), personal accountability, responsibility, and integrity.   Through these sessions, the pupils engage in self-reflection to realise these qualities to make the most of their time left and to prepare them for life after school. 

Our other main theme is Leadership with Impact, which is delivered through workshops designed for prefects and/or other identified student leaders within the school. This theme also encompasses a range of topics with a fundamental focus on leadership in the prefect role, qualities leading to success, as well as the challenges presented by the role and strategies that can be used to overcome them.  The outcome aims for this presentation are for pupils to develop a better understanding of what is expected of them in their roles, enhanced self-belief, and increased motivation to make a positive contribution in their role to leave a legacy for the pupils to follow.  


We’ve delivered leadership development-based speeches, presentations and workshops to all levels of school-age students.  We find these themes resonate particularly well, however, with the Sixth Form Year Groups. 

Our presentations are centred on encouraging them to develop their leadership skills to make a positive, lasting legacy while still at school, but also encourage their own development of self-directed, responsible behaviours as they pursue their future academic, career, or sporting pursuits for after leaving school.

Primary Topic Areas:

  • Stepping up to Perform & Leadership with Impact
  • Leading to empower your peers & leading with integrity
  • Challenges to leadership & strategies to overcome them

Delivery methods

Typically, the leadership programming is delivered in either one or a combination of:

  • Key note presentation or speech to a Year Group
  • Interactive workshop (or series of) over a half or full day
  • One-to-one & small group mentoring and coaching with identified student leaders and/or prefects


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Selected Sixth Form Testimonial:

“Thank you so much for your very great generosity of time and spirit today.  It was a real pleasure and honour to have you with us, and your messages could not have been better synchronised if we had tried.  We have been working very hard on the notions of servant leadership and that everyone can be a leader because leadership is a life skill, not something that other people do.  To listen to you underpinning these messages from your very different, hugely experienced angle was both affirming and (if I may!) gratifying.”

Head of Sixth Form, Rugby School 



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