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The Independent Performance Assessment (IPA) is a model that has been developed for teams from over 30 years’ experience of working with high performing (HP) teams. Its purpose is to improve performance by providing an optimal environment for success. 

How does it work?

The composition of a HP team can best be encapsulated into 6 components. The IPA studies these components to ensure that they are not only fit for purpose but are also aligned with each other and not working in isolation. Once the components of the team are evaluated, the IPA then considers the environment in which the team operates within. Is the team getting the best possible support enabling it to succeed (within any constraints that are in place) from the diverse set of supporting departments? 

Following an IPA an unambiguous report is written which objectively measures strengths alongside opportunities. This report is essentially an action plan to help improve performance. If requested, working with you and our associates, we can assist in developing and improving those areas identified in the action plan. In order to measure the success of the IPA an evaluation is recommended 6 months after the report or any training that is completed.


  • Improved performance of team
  • Improved performance of business as a whole
  • Improved synergy between management and staff
  • Increase in revenue through operating in an optimal environment

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